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At RCA, we are looking to find the most talented individuals with a strong work ethic and a focus on helping people. 


We offer a competitive compensation package and a culture based on compassion.

Community Health Centers

Open Positions:

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)- Mental Health - Main Office

CDC Project:  Part-time Navigator  

HVRP Project: Case Manager - Job Coach

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Position Title: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)- Mental Health - Main Office

Job Description

Supports clinical treatment services by providing nursing assessments and ongoing nursing care.  Review treatment plan with supervising nurse, implement instructions, processes, and protocols; and assist with ongoing patient assessment and reevaluation of patient problems or needs.  Administer medication therapy and treatment regiments as directed. Educate patients, staff, and family members regarding overall treatment. Participate in or lead individual or group counseling sessions.  Obtain medical, psychiatric, social, and family histories of new admissions.  Recognize and intervene when necessary.  Document patient progress and treatment recommendations in ECW.  


Nursing or healthcare background preferred with five years related experience and/or training.  Current State of Georgia driver's license. LPN or RN licensure or certification, or completion of certified nursing training program or higher degree or training.

Position Title: CDC Project:  Part-time Navigator  


The Navigator will work with clients who tested positive for HIV to remove barriers (using ARTAS and Healthy Relationships interventions) to HIV/AIDS medical care by facilitating a collaborative process that identifies clients’ needs, a plan to address those needs, and continuous follow-up to ensure that members obtain the necessary services that help them to maintain adherence to medical care. This position also coordinates with other service providers through a comprehensive and active referral process to link HIV-positive individuals into appropriate services.  

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and/or Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences, Social Work, and/or Public Health required.  

  • Demonstrated experience in the field of HIV is preferred.  

  • Demonstrated supervision experience of 2 or more persons. Can be substituted for years of experience.  

  • Demonstrated 3-4 years’ experience in the field of case management and/or medical case management and/or linkage or similar field required.  

  • Familiarity with basic computer skills. 

Position Title: HVRP Project: Case Manager - Job Coach



Provide day-to-day support and services for participating veterans.  Has relevant experience working with homelessness populations.  Provide key linkages for clients beginning at their intake and assessment following through their training and attainment of meaningful, gainful employment. The position will promote accessibility, outreach to targeted populations, and provide case management, advocacy, and wraparound supports services with the DOL, the VA and in the community. 
A bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology, rehabilitative counseling, or related human service field is required. 
Demonstrated 3-4 years' experience in the field of case management
A minimum of two years’ experience working with homeless individuals, including veterans, case management, and experience with employment counseling is preferred. 
Familiarity with basic computer skills
Veteran or member of a veteran family is a plus. 

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